Subdivisions of land within the RM of South Qu’Appelle are provided for under the provisions of the Zoning Bylaw.

While specific consultation is always necessary to discuss your subdivision plans, the following general terms apply within the RM of South Qu’Appelle:

The current zoning in most of the RM is agricultural. 1 ¼ section of land may be divided into 3 parcels (2 subdivisions). The minimum size of a subdivision is to be 5 acres, and the maximum is to be 20 acres. There must be a remnant, after subdivision, of 120 acres for agricultural purposes.

Within a 2 mile corridor of a provincial highway, Council may approve a rezoning to Country Residential for 1 of the 2 subdivision. With an area that has been rezoned to Country Residential, you may request a subdivision of up to 4 parcels. Rezoning is at the cost of the developer and all relevant costs will be passed on to the developer (the person applying for the subdivision or rezoning)

There is form called Application to Subdivide which is the formal process for the subdivision to be presented to the Province for their approval. A survey will be required and many people put the entire “application to subdivide” into the hands of a registered land surveyor.

The Application to Subdivide will be reviewed by the Province and input will be obtained from interested persons, including the Rural Municipality. The province will not approve a subdivision application that contravenes our Zoning Bylaw.

The process to obtain subdivision approval can take several months, so patience will be necessary when beginning this process. If changes to the Municipalities Zoning Bylaws are required, the time frame will be longer.

The approving authority for subdivisions is the Saskatchewan Government, Community Planning Branch. The contact number for Community Planning in Regina is (306) 787-2725.

The approving authority for Sewage/Wastewater Disposal Systems is the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Their contact number is (306) 766-7755.