Property assessment is the process of determining a properties assessed value for tax purposes. The assessed value is not the market value, however, the assessed value will closely resemble a current market value for most properties. All properties are reassessed every four years.

All assessments for the Rural Municipality of South Qu’Appelle No. 157 are done by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA). If you would like more information on our individual property assessment you can go onto the SAMA website at and use SAMAView using your Assessment ID number shown on your notice. Should you wish to discuss your properties valuation, please contact SAMA directly and they will review your property profile with you. The phone number for the SAMA office is 306-924-8080.


293 Exemption

If you own or lease land in an adjoining Rural Municipality you qualify for the 293 exemption on your property taxes. The 293 Exemption Form must be sent in to the RM office by March 31st.