Primary weight permits are available to allow agricultural products and supplies to be hauled over municipal roads.

The fee for a permit is $150 + GST ($7.50) = $157.50.

Please contact the municipal office to obtain a permit(s). The following information is required:

  • Name /owner of truck
  • License plate number of truck
  • A copy of the vehicle registration.
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number


For a single trip Over Dimension Load & Overweight Permit, please fill out the application below and send it to the R.M. office. The permit will be signed and issued a permit number once reviewed by the office and then sent back if approved. Please note that the permit must accompany payment via cash, cheque or E-Transfer before it is issued.

The fee for this permit is $50 + GST ($2.50) = $52.50.