Reminder: $25,000 Fire Fighting Cap Removed October 31, 2021

This is to remind all ratepayers that effective October 31, 2021, the RM will no longer have a fire maximum charge in place. As a result, ratepayers and/or parties found at fault will be responsible for the full cost of fire fighting invoices.

Strychnine Update

The RM can no longer sell Strychnine after March of 2022. The RM is allowing each landowner to purchase up to 3 cases at this time. Please contact the RM office for more information.

Call for Nominations – Reeve

Call for Nominations - Reeve 1 file(s) 74.29 KB Download Nomination Paper - Reeve 1 file(s) 181.51 KB Download Public Disclosure Statement 1 file(s) 145.44 KB...