Weather INnovations is currently undergoing a planning process to enhance and expand its weather station network within the province of Saskatchewan.

Your RM of SOUTH QU’APPELLE No. 157 has been identified as an area where there is a need to increase the density of our station network. Specifically in the township of 17-16 W2 has been identified.

Sufficient density to the network ensures the collection of accurate and vital weather data for the agricultural industry.

Who is Weather INnovations?
Weather Innovations (WIN) specializes in providing turn-key weather-based monitoring and modeling solutions for agribusinesses, producer organizations, government agencies, researchers, crop insurance agencies and individual farm operations. WIN makes data and models easy to use at the operational and farm level by providing site-specific applications, science and innovative research.

What is WIN asking for?
WIN is looking for host site volunteers for a weather station with easy accessibility within your RM, as close as possible to the identified township. Sensitive weather station equipment is regularly tested and calibrated and a station visit will be conducted every 6 weeks for service and maintenance to ensure the quality of the weather data parameters being recorded. Additional visits may be required if there is an indication of station failure.

Why become a site host?
As a site host WIN will offer the landowner free online access to the data being collected from his/her station. This will give the host near real time data to make important decisions for their farm during the growing season. A valuable decision tool for today’s farm operations and at no cost!

Why are you contacting the RM?
The RM is in a unique position to offer WIN leads on possible available sites within their jurisdiction and would have the ability to pass this opportunity on to possible host candidates.

Will there be costs involved for the host?
There are NO costs to the host site. Each station is energy self sufficient and will generate its own power for recording and transmitting using a small solar panel. The station footprint will be less than 12 square feet and locations will be off to the side of the production field and in coordination with each host’s requirements.

How long will the station be there and what if I change my mind?
WIN asks that the station be in place for at least 1 entire growing season. Should the host need a station to be removed or relocated somewhere else on the property; arrangements can be made with the assigned technician in the fall or before the next season. 95 % of WIN’s current site hosts have been with us for 10 years or more.

I’m interested in being a station host. What do I do next?
We welcome volunteer hosts to contact us with the information below.

Call 1 519-352-5334 ext 222

Or email:

Mansi Patel, Client Services

Patrick Milsson, General Manager

Weather Innovations Consulting LP
7519 Queen’s Line
Chatham, Ontario
N7L 5T1
Weather INnovations Consulting LP

Weather INnovations Consulting LP
WIN specializes in providing turnkey weather-based monitoring and mo